“‘“The Lord bless and keep you; the Lord make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you; the Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace.”’” Numbers 6:24-26

Friday afternoon my boys and I met some friends at the local pool.  It was the first time I’d been to the pool all summer, so I was a blinding florescent white compared to my golden “sistas”.  But white legs and all, it was so great to just relax in the warmth of the sun and good friendship. 
I love summer time!  I love going outside to feel the warm air on my skin and to see the trees big and full of leaves – providing shade to which later I’ll retreat.  But something about summer beckons me outside; outside where it’s warm and inviting and full of life.
What is it about getting a tan that makes me feel better about myself?  Now, I’m not talking about the orange tint you get from a tanning bed, because I’ve tried that, and it’s not quite the same.  I’m talking about that soft brown glow you get from being out in the sun, and those tiny little freckles that get sprinkled across your nose and cheeks.  Maybe it’s just refreshing to be outside taking in some good ol’ vitamin D.  Whatever it is, for me, there’s something rejuvenating about taking in the sun.

Spending time with Jesus does the same thing.  There’s something about sharing time with Him that brings out a ‘glow’ others tend to recognize.  Oh, they may not know exactly where it comes from, but they can tell there is something different about you.  Something attractive.
But if we don’t spend time in the Son, we begin to lose our glow.  We become pasty and white…and a little dull, like the life inside of us is slowly fading.  We become self-conscious about the way we look, and we try to cover it up – even with a “fake” tan if we can.  We get so wrapped up in ourselves and so self-centered, that our outside appearance is more important than our inside character.  And we find ourselves in a place that is cold and lonely, and we wonder how we got so lost.
Don’t let your Son-kissed soul begin to fade!  Spend time today with the One who warms your heart and lifts your spirit.  Let His face shine upon you!  Take in the Son and feel the tenderness of His love.  Step outside and take a breath of fresh air.  Let Him fill up your lungs and give you encouragement and peace for the day ahead.
Dear Father,

Thank you for your presence. Thank you for warming our hearts and bringing us back to life.  Please be with me today; glow through me, so others are drawn to You.
In Your Heavenly Name,

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