About Me

I didn’t grow up in the church as some people would say. I mean, I was slightly active in youth group for a while, but when my parents divorced, I stopped turning to God for answers. Instead, I joined the Air Force to escape and see the world. (I got stationed less than 80 miles from my home town. Needless to say, although I had turned from God, HE has never turned away from me.)

Fast forward several years and a whole lot of sin this short bio doesn’t allow for, and you would find me tired and exhausted from the struggle of “keeping my life together.” You see, I had become a people-pleaser, and nothing else seems to wear a woman out faster than continually trying to always say and do the right things so the people around you will like you and not leave you.

Somewhere in the midst of all my people pleasing, God broke through my façade and rescued me from the bondage of low self-esteem and self-worth, and helped me to see the only one worth pleasing is Him. Now, my identity is found in the only One who matters – Jesus Christ. It wasn’t pretty or painless, but it was – is – a process that keeps me undone, yet beautifully restored.

Today, I am very blessed to say that I am a mom of two soon-to-be-adult boys, a step-mom of two beautiful young women, a mother-in-law to an awesome young man, and a wife to a good, wise, kind, and loving husband. I  resigned from my full-time job in 2014 to complete my degree in Christian ministry, and focus on my passion – helping women discover the freedom and life that can only be found in Jesus. After serving as the women’s pastor at our local church for nearly three years, I felt the Lord calling me into a season of sweet rest and new revelation of His love for me. Presently, you can find me working as the administrative assistant to Police Chief at a local police department.

I love conversing and laughing with people, and hope that my encounters with others might shine a little joy in their corner of the world. As I am learning to slow down and “live” in the moment, I am finding greater peace and more abundant life than I have known. It doesn’t come naturally, and it’s funny to think I have to work at “being still,” but I am learning.

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