Hello Beautiful!

I’m so glad yCanva - Person Having Cup of Latte While Reading Bookou’re here! I pray the words shared here bring hope to your spirit and encouragement to your soul. When I started this blog, I thought every post had to be some kind of deep revelation – something thought provoking, or life changing, but the longer I walk with Jesus, the more I realize, life doesn’t have to be so complex. And when you only talk about the “deep” stuff, you tend to miss the “light” stuff that makes up most of your life. Plus, posting deep stuff all the time creates this image like I’ve got my stuff together – and that is certainly not true!

As I find myself entering into the next phase of my life – on the other side of 40 – I realize, most times, people just want to know they’re not alone. They want someone they can relate to – someone who’s normal and not normal all at the same time. Someone who is still trying to figure stuff out.  Someone who can be real whom they can be real with, too.

All that to simply say, I’m really just like you. In fact, I bet if we met for coffee and chatted a bit, we’d have more in common than not. If you’re up for coffee, hit me up on my contact page, and we’ll share a cup of joe (we don’t really have to share though, we can each have our own).