But Now I See

I’m pretty sure my life has never been this slow, and I mean that in the best possible way. For the first time, I have margin and breathing room to ponder and reflect on my life. It only took my forty years to get here, but by the grace of God – truly – I made it.

I’m noticing, and appreciating, things I was too busy to see before.





Like the way the sun peeks through on a brisk sunny morning.











The way its rays reflect on an ornament given to me by a dear friend.








The rich aroma of coffee, encouraging me to sit a little longer.

All of these things, inviting me into Your goodness.  The same goodness You have for all of us. For You give sunlight to both the evil and the good, and You send rain on the just and unjust alike (cf. Matthew 5:45).

There have been too many days – too many years – where I’ve not been present.

I know I can’t go back. I know I can’t see all the things I’ve missed, but, Lord, don’t let me remain blind to that which You still have for me.

Help me to “be” more, and “do” less.

Give me “eyes of eternity” and a heart of gratitude…for all of it.


“But blessed are your eyes, because they see; and your ears because they hear.”
Matthew 13:16 (NLT)

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