Here’s to Tuesday!

Tuesdays have become one of my most favorite days of the week. I used to dread them – even labeled them “Mini-Mondays,” because they were typically the day to attend meetings (and by meetings, I mean meetings about upcoming meetings – which are the worst!).

But now, I look forward to them.

Maybe it’s because Tuesdays are typically my only day of the week that isn’t obligated to something or someone else. Of course there is still work, and an accountability meeting with my writing partner a couple times a month, but other than that, Tuesdays feel like my day. It’s a day where nobody else “needs” me.

Not that it’s wrong or bad to be needed – being needed is a wonderful blessing! But as an introvert, a day where I can do all the things (or nothing!) with minimal interaction is also a blessing. And even though it’s only a few hours, this “break” is what recharges my soul and refreshes my mind.

So, here’s to Mini-Mondays! The day that’s not quite “hump-day,” not as dreadful as Monday, and certainly not a Friday! Regardless, it’s a beautiful day to be alive! Happy Tuesday!IMG_6153

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